Neighborhood Eats: Sea Urchin Cacio e Pepe at 'The Longshoreman' in Brooklyn

COLUMBIA WATERFRONT DISTRICT, Brooklyn (WABC) -- It is a taste of modern Italian cuisine with hints of French and Japanese flavor.

'The Longshoreman' came about through the friendship of two mothers in a neighborhood that has really grown over the years. It is located at 215 Columbia Street in Brooklyn, which is what has become known as the Columbia Waterfront District. Kevin Noccioli is the chef.

For his cacio e pepe, he starts by bringing cream to a boil and then adds sea urchin for that umami flavor. It is all blended together, and the handmade tagliatelle is tossed in butter and vegetable stock flavored with dried Japanese seaweed. Then cream, Pecorino and black pepper finish it off.

"It's something people notice right away when they look at the menu - they notice it is a little different, it's intriguing, and it's become one of our staples," says Noccioli.

Neighborhood lore has it that the space was once a beloved bar called The Longshoreman - it is now an anchor for the neighborhood.

Cacio e Pepe with Sea Urchin

4 oz fresh or dried spaghetti or desired pasta

6 oz dashi or vegetable stock
1 cup, plus 1 teaspoon heavy cream
1 teaspoon olive oil
ground black pepper
3 oz grated pecorino cheese
2 oz sea urchin cream (1 cup heavy cream & 6 pieces of fresh sea urchin)

For the sea urchin cream:
Bring 1 cup heavy cream to a boil and turn off immediately. Add 6 large pieces of sea urchin and blend together until smooth, ideally in a blender. This will yield 2 to 3 portions of sea urchin cream, use it immediately or save in the fridge until later.


Boil water to cook the pasta until just before it is al dente. In a sauté pan, add the dashi, 1 tsp heavy cream, olive oil and 1 pinch black pepper and bring to a boil. Add in your pasta and stir rigorously, adding another pinch of black pepper, pecorino and sea urchin cream (use about 3 ounces per portion). Don't stop stirring as the starches of the pasta will bind with the sauce. Cook until desired doneness and serve immediately.

Garnish with 1 piece sea urchin, pecorino and more black pepper and a drizzle of nice olive oil.

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