Counting down to the sleepiest day of the year

Your pillow may get in the way of starting those New Year's resolution goals.

New Year's Day is the sleepiest day of the year, according to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.

The AASM surveyed 2,003 U.S. adults and found 57% are more tired than usual on New Year's Day compared to other holidays and times of the year.

The first day back at work in January is the second sleepiest day, followed by July 5.

This is why the AASM suggests making 2020 the year of setting healthy sleep goals.

Sleep improves well-being, fitness and productivity, according to the AASM. It also helps fight off infection, maintain a healthy weight and avoid chronic disease.

The scoop on sleep
  • Adults should sleep seven or more hours per night on a regular basis to promote optimal health.

  • Not getting enough sleep is associated with an increased risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, stroke, obesity and depression.

  • Causes of insufficient sleep include lifestyle, occupational factors and medical conditions.
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