New app helps people in NYC volunteer when they have free time

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Thursday, January 5, 2017
New app helps people volunteer
Lauren Glassberg has the story of a new app that helps people who want to volunteer.

NEW YORK (WABC) -- A new app aims to help New Yorkers put their free time to good use.

Using only your smartphone, it connects organizations with volunteers who want to give back.

For 16 years, The Pajama Program has been giving out books and pajamas to kids in need.

The non-profit relies on donations and volunteers. Thursday, all of the volunteers have come through an app called "Deed."

"Volunteering can be really hard on someone's schedule when their schedule isn't very consistent, like mine. So to just be able to say, 'You know what, tomorrow I want to volunteer because tomorrow I have the time to,' Deed allows that," said Janiece Dilone, a volunteer.

Dilone can't commit to a weekly volunteer spot, but through Deed she can book when she has some free time.

Deevee Kashi and Anthony Yoon created the app, and also volunteer through it.

"The system around volunteerism is a bit antiquated," Kashi said.

That's what Kashi found out when he tried to volunteer.

"Reached out to a few organizations and no one really got back to me. And right then and there I realized that there was a problem. When I want to order food there's an app, when I want to order a car there's an app, but when I want to help someone else out of myself, I have to jump through hoops to do so," Kashi said.

But with Deed, all you do is log in and sign up for what you're interested in.

"I just absolutely love it. Honestly, it is way more fun than anything else. When you go you don't think of it as service at all, the kids are so cute," a volunteer said.

So far, Deed has teamed with 75 organizations in the New York City area. If kids aren't your thing, you can volunteer with the elderly, the homeless, at food pantries or work with animals.

Deed isn't a nonprofit. The founders are still trying to figure out how to fund their good work, but those organizations and people that tap into these volunteers are certainly grateful.

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