Father of Times Square victims rushes to younger daughter's bedside

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CeFaan Kim has the story.

Allysa Elsman's father says when his ex-wife told him their daughter was killed, he thought it was a cruel joke.

He didn't believe it. He didn't want to believe it.

But then he saw it on the news in Michigan and it sunk in.

He drove with his cousin 12 hours non-stop overnight to be at his younger daughter's bedside.

Thomas Elsman says he doesn't have words to describe his pain.

You can see it in his eyes though, he's angry, he's hurting, he's barely holding it together.

His 18-year-old daughter, Allyssa was tragically killed Thursday when a speeding car plowed into crowds of people in Times Square.

Her father told Eyewitness News, "My ex-wife watched her die. Her sister is aware of what happened, she watched the whole thing."

Allyssa's 13-year-old sister, also injured in the crash, suffered broken teeth, a broken pelvis, and a collapsed lung. She remains hospitalized.

Random strangers left messages for the tourist from Michigan in Times Square at a growing makeshift memorial.

Richard Rojas is the man police say was behind the wheel.

Sources say he was on a deadly mission, telling police "he wanted to kill them."

The suspect allegedly drove for three blocks on sidewalks full of people.

As for Alyssa, her father said: "The Medical Examiner said she died instantly so she didn't feel anything. I can't take any solace out of any of that."

When Eyewitness News showed Allyssa's father the messages New Yorkers were writing on the barrier in Times Square, he fought back tears.
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