Owner of French cafe in Cranford frantically trying to reach brother in Paris

CRANFORD (WABC) -- The sound of French TV fills a small cafe in Cranford, New Jersey, where owner Marie Fuller anxiously counts the hours.

"I worry every minute. I work, but I worry for him," says Fuller.

Marie is from France and her entire family is there, however she is worried about her younger brother, John the most.

"I called him Friday when I seen (sic) the TV, the attack. I call him, no answer. I call him Saturday, no answer. I call today, no answer," says Marie.

Marie has been calling the 45-year-old because John told her he was planning to go to the Bataclan Concert Hall on Friday night. He loves music, and lives less than a mile from the venue. Marie says when he heard an American band was headlining, he really seemed interested in stopping by.

The last time Marie heard John's voice was Thursday, now each time she dials his number, it goes to voicemail. She is afraid John may have been at the concert, was severely injured, and is now somewhere in a hospital, unable to reach her.

"They don't know yet who is the family. Then Monday, maybe, my brother will find out," adds Marie.

Another brother traveled from his home in Nice on Sunday to Paris to check on John, who has no home phone.

Marie typically does not work on Sundays, but came to work to try and keep her mind off of everything.

"I'm so sad for the people. I'm shaking when Friday we looked at people running away from my brother's area," she says.
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