Alligator spotted in Secaucus Duck Pond

SECAUCUS, New Jersey (WABC) -- An alligator was spotted in a New Jersey duck pond.

The Duck Pond is a popular fishing spot and family gathering park in Secaucus.

So how did the gator get there?

Hudson County is not exactly alligator country.

"I believe it was May 3rd," said Gary Sgambati, Secaucus Department of Public Works.

He spotted the gator way across the lake.

"I noticed that the waterfront on the pond, there was a two-to-three foot gator facing the sun with his mouth open," Sgambati said. "I thought it was a toy, but then I knew it was a gator."

In the time it took Sgambati to whip out his camera phone, he says the gator slipped into the water, and was gone.

But still, Mayor Michael Gonnelli picked up some flak for not canceling the town's annual fishing derby out on Duck Pond that was happening on May 6th.

That was just three days after his DPW boss spotted the animal. They did post caution signs, and were confident no drastic measures were needed.

"We had the state come out we checked the water, didn't find anything, no reason to close the Duck Pond," Mayor Gonnelli said.
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