Welcome to Sunflower Farm Creamery, a goat-lover's dream

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There's no shortage of personality at this farm in Cumberland, Maine, with an Internet following. (Sunflower Farm Creamery/YouTube)

There's no shortage of personality on this farm.

The adorable cast of characters featured above are just a few of the critters who have called Sunflower Farm Creamery home. The dairy farm in Cumberland, Maine, keeps a herd of Nigerian Dwarf goats, whose babies are sold to loving homes. The does are so popular that there's a waiting list to adopt them.

The baby goats stay on the farm with their mothers until they're big enough to be adopted, meaning at any given time there can be dozens of little does running around. The owners of the farm said they make sure that each goat gets individualized care.

"We giggle when folks visiting ask us if all the goats have names," they explain on the farm's website. "Not only do they all have names, they all have distinct calls we know even from the kitchen, they each have preferences for their favorite treats, and places they most love to be scratched."

The farm is best known for its "running of the goats," a tradition that first went viral in 2014. The video got millions of views and was so popular that Hope Hall, who runs the farm, continued posting about the farm's residents, most recently to share photos of their visiting hours with fans this past weekend. Details about future "open farm days" can be found on Sunflower Farm's website.

And because the farm's owners know that not all of its fans can make it, there's also a live stream so you can watch these cuties any time you want.
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