Researchers say younger generations growing 'phone horns' due to constant phone use

These days it's pretty hard to peel people away from their phones.

We're so obsessed we're now suffering from things like text neck, texting thumb and now, something more mystical -- phone horns.

Yes, actual horns in our skulls.

Health researchers from the University of the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia found that, based on the way people are constantly tilting their heads to text, our skeletons are re-molding.

It has to do with a weight shift from the spine to the muscles in the back of the head, causing a bone buildup.

The result, they say, is a hook or hornlike feature, jutting out from the skull, just above the neck.

There are various nicknames for this -- head horns, spikes, phone bones.

If you have one, they say you can probably feel it.
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