Best sleep essentials on sale up to 75% off

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Monday, June 24, 2024
Best sleep essentials 2024
This week, Sam Champion and Dani Beckstrom are rounding up the best sleep essentials on sale, with deals up to 75% off.

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ABC Secret Sales rounds up the best products on sale every week - and these deals are exclusive to ABC shoppers. This week, Sam Champion and Dani Beckstrom are rounding up the best sleep essentials on sale, with deals up to 75% off.

Each of these deals are limited time only, so shop now while supplies last.

Best sleep essentials

50% off
ABC Secret Sales

Cozy Earth: Pajamas & Loungewear

  • $22.50 to $77.50
  • $45 - $155

    Lounge in luxury. Cozy Earth's timeless line of pajama and loungewear styles will elevate your day-to-day. Crafted with a soft stretch-knit fabric and flattering cut for an elevated, cozy look. The fabric is lightweight and so comfortable that you'll want to lounge around a little longer.

    33% to 34% off
    ABC Secret Sales

    Slumber Cloud: Cooling Bedding

    • $22.50 to $142.50
    • $34 - $219

      Regulate your temperature for the best night's sleep. Using technology originally designed and used in NASA space suits, Slumber Cloud's bedding keeps you cool and comfortable all night long. Ideal for hot sleepers, hot mattresses or hot bedrooms, Slumber Cloud bedding puts an end to pushing and pulling at the covers trying to find the perfect temperature. Designed to work independently for every sleeper, meaning if one person sleeps hot and one sleeps cool, it will work to keep both sleepers at the perfect temperature. Choose from sheet sets, mattress pads, pillows, pillow covers and blankets.

      45% off
      ABC Secret Sales

      Blissy: Silk Pillowcases

      • $49 to $60.50
      • + Free Shipping
      • $90 - $110

        Get better hair, better skin and better sleep with Blissy. Blissy's Silk Pillowcases are made of 100% Mulberry Silk and elevate the look of any bedscape. This temperature-regulating pillowcase is hypoallergenic and hydrating for the skin and hair. Machine washable for easy cleaning with a zipper closure. They are offered in more than 15 colors, with three size options.

        40% off
        ABC Secret Sales

        Dodow & Hoomband: Sleep Light & Bluetooth Headband

        • $36 to $70
        • $60 - $117

          Fall asleep with ease. Dodow's metronome sleep light sways across the ceiling to slow your busy mind, creating a meditative effect similar to watching a pendulum, to help lull you to sleep faster. Hoomband is an ultra-thin Bluetooth audio headband so you can listen to sounds and stories through the app designed to help you fall asleep, without bothering the person next to you. The Hoomband Ultimate delivers the same Bluetooth capability, with the added benefit of a 100% blackout sleep mask.

          50% off
          ABC Secret Sales

          Moonlite: Projected Stories

          • $7.50 to $24
          • $15 - $48

            Ignite your child's imagination. Moonlite transforms together-time into a special experience for parents, caregivers and children. By bringing stories to life through projection on any surface, Moonlite creates a shared and interactive storytelling environment. The four-story collections are complete with a projector and designed to envelop the room in ambient music, delightful sounds, and vivid storybook imagery, helping create sensory adventure. Each story contains a picture disc and activation code that downloads the content onto your smart device. Simply download and open the Moonlite app, then follow the instructions to attach and position the Projector on your smartphone. Single stories are also available.

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