Stars of 'Kinds of Kindness' talk about triptych fable

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Monday, July 1, 2024
Stars of 'Kinds of Kindness' talk about triptych fable
Joelle Garguilo talks with stars of 'Kinds of Kindness.'

NEW YORK (WABC) -- In a world where nothing is quite as it seems, "Kinds of Kindness" fits right in.

"Do you guys understand the movie?" Eyewitness News Entertainment Reporter Joelle Garguilo asked.

"What's there to understand," said Willem Dafoe, cast member.

It's a triptych fable, three movies in one, the same cast, taking on different characters.

"I mean it's very rich material and I think it's very evocative about personal relationships. There's lots of kind of themes that you can kind of imagine," Dafoe said.

The film finds Emma Stone, fresh off her Oscar win, re-teaming with "Poor Things" director Yorgos Lanthimos and co-star, Dafoe.

"What is happening is a good place to start. I think that really triggers a certain kind of curiosity where you feel engaged. I think that the problem normally is sometimes when people say, oh, I know what this is. You may empathize, you may get some sort of warm feeling or some kind of nostalgia, but you don't. Nothing happens to you really," Dafoe said.

Jesse Plemons is new to the so-called Yorgos-sphere.

"I typically really can't stand watching myself and put it off for a while. Saw for the first time I can, was a little uncomfortable for the first five minutes, and then to my surprise was able to just go on the ride," Plemons.

A ride it certainly is.

"Was there a tornado during filming?" Garguilo asked.

"Yes," said Momoudou Athie, a castmember

"You say that so nonchalantly," she said.

"It wasn't so nonchalant at the time," Athie said. "It happened. It was crazy. You could see the sky from inside the building we were in. It was nuts."

"I did have a lovely thought while watching this. I feel like this is the type of movie that somebody will watch and a spark will be lit in them where they want to pursue a path in directing, and so I'm curious for you guys, was there that movie or a specific role that did that for you?" Garguilo said.

"I was going to say, do you know what? I get jealous of people when they're like, I had a light bulb moment when I saw this guy, or I saw her do this performance and I knew it was for me, Momoudou's answer interwoven into this," said Joe Alwyn, a cast member.

"I'm curious what it is for you if you have one," Plemons said.

"I never had that thing about, I want to act. You still?" Dafoe said.

"You still figuring it out later? What do you want to do?" Plemons said.

"No, no. Yeah, no. I don't have that kind of a moment. And when I was young I was making plays and doing all kinds of things, but I never thought that's what I'd do. I thought one day I'm going to grow up and get a real job," Dafoe said.

"Jesse, I feel like you got something," Garguilo said.

"I started as a kid and then there was this miniseries that came out I think the year that I was born that I just watched over and over and over again. What was it? It's called 'Lonesome Dove.' It's based on this Larry McMurtry novel and the cast was amazing. Obviously, when I was a kid I just responded to the horses and all that sort of stuff," Plemons said. "But the older I got and the more interested in acting I started to realize that it seemed like there was some magic trick that they were doing where I just really believed that they were these people, Robert Duvall and Tommy Lee Jones and Chris Cooper and Danny Glover. They just all felt so real to me and so I think that was part of it for me was that possibility of what you can create."


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