Ohio man brings llama as a guest to his sister's wedding

Wednesday, March 4, 2020
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Ohio man brings llama as a guest to his sister's wedding.

An Ohio man brought a llama dressed in a tux to his sister's wedding as a part of a five-year-long joke.

The bride, Riva Weinstock, appeared to be unamused. Her reaction to the well-dressed wedding crasher was caught on camera and seen around the world.

Mendl Weinstock says it started when his sister began talking endlessly about her future wedding during a car ride with some friends.

So he blurted out that if he had to go, he was bringing a llama with him.

He kept his promise.

Mendl rented a llama, named Shockey, for $400. He even had a custom tuxedo made.

Although the llama had to stay outside the wedding hall, Riva's friend was in on the joke and placed two inflatable llamas at the sweetheart table.

Riva says her brother definitely made her wedding memorable, and that she's already planning her revenge.