VIDEO: Watch as delegates from New York, New Jersey, Connecticut cast votes at RNC

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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WABC) -- Delegates from each of the United States cast their votes at the Republican National Convention Tuesday night in Cleveland.

New York passed on its first voting opportunity so it could cast the winning votes for Donald Trump's nomination for president. It ultimately cast 89 voted for Trump and 6 for John Kasich.

Watch the video here, which includes the vote and the celebration that followed:

Watch as New York's delegation casts the winning votes for Donald Trump at the RNC.

New Jersey cast all 51 votes for Donald Trump. Watch here as Gov. Chris Christie's son, Andrew, announced the vote:

Watch as New Jersey's delegation casts its votes at the RNC.

And in Connecticut, the delegates there cast all of their 28 votes for Trump. Watch the video here:

Watch as Connecticut's delegation casts its votes at the RNC.

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