Don't fall for it: Scam voicemail promises big savings on AT&T, DirecTV

ByDiane Wilson WABC logo
Wednesday, October 6, 2021
Scam voicemail promises big savings on AT&T, DirecTV
If you get a call promising to save you hundreds of dollars on your phone and TV service, be skeptical. It's likely a scam.

It's a call that promises to save you hundreds of dollars on your phone and TV service, but don't act so fast. This scam continues to cost people a lot of money, as the savings are hard to pass up.

It starts with a voicemail that states, "I'm calling you from AT&T/DirecTV to let you know that your existing account qualifies for 50%..." While this voicemail sounds like a great deal, it's actually a scam call that is making the rounds again.

AT&T confirms these calls are a scam and the company is not behind it. Instead, it's scammers, pretending to represent AT&T and DirecTV.

ABC11 Troubleshooter Diane Wilson called one of the numbers back and the recording makes it appear you are calling the actual company. There are even prompts to make it appear legit.

Over the years, ABC11 has shown you how several viewers lost money to this scam. They've given the scammers their account information, along with the PIN to their account, and then pre-paid with a gift card to get the discounted promotion for the next six months.

The scammers are so good, they can even change your programming while you're on the phone with them to make it appear they work for DirecTV.

AT&T does have warnings on its website about this scam. If you get one of these calls or texts, promising a promotion, don't agree to anything over the phone. Instead, hang up, and call the number on your bill, and get the promotion in writing.

The biggest red flag with this scam and similar ones are when they ask for payment via gift cards. No matter what you're offered, do not buy gift cards and read the numbers off the back to anyone, as the money is drained right away and it's very tough to trace.