Brooklyn's Dream Machine lets visitors 'sleepwalk' through infinity room, bubbles, ball pit

WILLIAMSBURG, Brooklyn (WABC) -- Need an escape from reality? This "Instagram playground' is here to make that dream come true -- with a ball pit, bubbles and infinity room included.

Dream Machine is an interactive experience inspired by the mysterious world of the sleeping mind.

This Williamsburg-based popup lets "sleepwalkers" travel through nine dream-themed rooms. Visitors are greeted with floating clouds -- denoting the process of falling asleep -- before entering a room speckled with smoke-filled bubbles.

Some rooms replicate common motifs in people's dreams, said Paige Solomon, the creative director and CEO of Dream Machine.

"People sometimes only dream in black and white, so we made a room that's only black and white," she said.

Another popular dream is swimming underwater. To simulate that, Solomon designed a pit filled with 38,000 balls, meant to represent a pool.

Guests especially like the infinity room hidden inside a psychedelic laundromat and the rainbow hall.

"Our rainbow hall is probably the most Instagrammed room," Solomon said. "The lights constantly change colors, so Boomerang and stop motion have been a fan favorite,"

Dream Machine gained traction quickly -- it completely sold out its first weekend.

"I can't say that I wasn't expecting it because people are hungry for experiences," Solomon said.

Solomon's popup is one of many immersive, Insta-friendly art "experiences" that's drawing huge crowds. When artist Yayoi Kusama's infinity rooms came to New York City, visitors endued two to four hour waits.

Even an egg-themed installation, called The Egg House, has become an Instagram darling.

"I would love if each guest comes with a positive attitude, a little more imagination then they bring to their typical day, and the nature to explore and get lost," Solomon said.

Dream Machine is located at 93 N. 9th Street in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and is open Thursdays through Sundays. Tickets are $38 and available here.

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