The Secret Seafood Restaurant in L.A.'s Own Backyard

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Friday, January 8, 2021
The Secret Seafood Restaurant in L.A.'s Own Backyard
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We found one of LA's top-secret seafood spots in our own backyard!

Hidden in Lennox, a neighborhood in Inglewood, CA and behind a humble home, you can find "106 Underground," a one-of-a-kind restaurant by Chef Sergio Pañuelas.

Chef Pañuelas' seafood creations are inspired by family, his upbringing and experimenting with flavors over the years.

106 Underground was born last year after California passed a law permitting home restaurants.

This mariscos master is best known throughout town as the "Snook Whisperer," with countless loyal followers flocking to his backyard restaurant daily.

On any given day or night - you'll find a long line of hungry guests waiting for a table in his driveway.

Parking may not be easy, but guests don't seem to mind it at all!