Stories of heroism emerge from Bronx-Lebanon Hospital shooting

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Monday, July 3, 2017
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Darla Miles has more from Mount Eden.

SOUTH BRONX, Bronx (WABC) -- Details continue to emerge regarding the deadly shooting at Bronx-Lebanon Hospital, including emotional stories of the heroism that resulted from the gunman's rampage.

Nurses and doctors are speaking out about when their former colleague, Dr. Henry Bello, opened fire without warning Friday afternoon.

Hospital employees were carrying the wounded out of harm's way and rushing them into operating rooms, literally carrying them into the ORs while the suspect was still roaming the building.

With SWAT teams on the scene, six operating rooms were in full service working to save the lives of colleagues and patients.

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One member of the medical staff, nurse manager Peta Gaye Brook-Smith, was running from one operating room to the other, trying to make sure doctors had enough blood supplies and other necessary medical equipment.

At the time, she and the rest of the medical staff still believed the hospital had an active shooter.

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Emergency personnel converge on Bronx Lebanon Hospital in New York, after a gunman opened fire there on Friday, June 30, 2017 (AP Photo/Joseph Frederick)
AP Photo/Joseph Frederick

"The officers, they came by, and they just kept saying we should all stand and keep the doors closed, do not come out," she said. "And so at that time we did not know. We figured he was somewhere, because they kept saying over the intercom, they kept calling different floors. So we didn't know if he was still alive or if he was running. We had no clue."

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The doctors and nurses credited their training and the drills they've conducted on this very scenario, and it is clear that the training -- along with a lot of courage -- saved lives.


Five of the shooting victims are still in the hospital, and they're all in stable condition.

Two of them are physicians at the hospital, and a patient who suffered a knee injury.

Dr. Oluwafunmike Ojewoye was released from the hospital Monday afternoon.