Catholic church in Jamesburg, New Jersey hit with gunfire

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Monday, November 9, 2015
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Anthony Johnson has details on a church in New Jersey that was hit by bullets early Sunday.

JAMESBURG, N.J. (WABC) -- An investigation is underway after a Catholic church in New Jersey was the target of gunfire Sunday.

Police in Jamesburg say someone used a shotgun and opened fire with buckshot on the front door of St. James Church on Lincoln Avenue in the early morning hours.

No one was inside at the time, but church staff found the bullet holes in the heavy oak wood door before morning services. The pellets hit a concrete wall inside.

It is suspected that the shooting was deliberate and intentional because the gunman got out of the vehicle and fired at close range, police said.

"It was loud, very, very loud," parishioner Craig Scheicher said. "But I just assumed it was a transformer or something like that. I would never think gunshots."

The parish has a long history in the community, and the pastor says the disturbing act will not stop the church from serving the Jamesburg community.

"The Lord told us to forgive, and I mentioned it in each of the masses," Pastor Michael Fragoso said. "We forgive, we bless our persecutors, St. Paul said, and that's what we do. So when I spoke, I said we forgive these people. We just hope that they are caught and justice is done."

So far, there have been no arrests. The Middlesex County Prosecutor's Office is investigating.

Other churches in the area have reached out to the parish to offer their full support.