Giant rubber duck's move causes concern

SAN PEDRO, Calif. -- A giant rubber duck that's been a hit for thousands of people at the Festival of Tall Ships at the Port of Los Angeles in San Pedro has moved slightly north, leaving some business owners fearful of losing profits in its wake.

After sailing in to Ports O' Call for the first day of the festival Wednesday, the duck floated about a mile north to the World Cruise terminal. The move has many business owners in Ports O' Call upset.

"They're not staying here with us," said Orlando Aguilar, a fish market manager at Ports O' Call. "It's still bringing customers in, but not as we expected it to be."

Organizers of the festival said they are anticipating much larger crowds this weekend and moving the popular duck to the World Cruise terminal will allow visitors more room to move around.

"Our idea behind having the duck here is introducing Tall Ships to a community that doesn't already know about it yet," festival organizer Craig Sambrorski said.

The Festival of Tall Ships runs until Sunday and will also feature ship tours, cannon battles, sword fights, knot-tying and sail-rigging training demonstrations, live music and food trucks. Tickets range from $7 to $350. For more information, visit

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