Woman survives brain injury with beloved dog's help

A woman with a history of traumatic brain injury and bleeding says she's getting better with the help of a sweet service dog.

Janaye says she suffered an injury five years ago that left her prone to brain bleeds, including one that happened last Thanksgiving.

In November 2016, she was rushed into emergency surgery with her third bleed, and doctors performed a craniotomy.

Now, she says her life has changed with the help of a service dog named Colt.

"I am so blessed to have him," Janaye wrote. "All the rehab/physical therapy and other therapies were easier this time with him by my side. Thank you, Colt."

Colt has a special mission to help alert Janaye to coming seizures and pass out spells, also known as syncope.

Janaye says 15 minutes before the medical event, Colt gets her to a safe place so she can lay down, protecting her from serious falls and accidents.

She says Colt is truly a gift from God.
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