EXCLUSIVE: Mother speaks out after being mugged in Staten Island park while pushing 2 sons in stroller

Wednesday, August 10, 2016
Exclusive: Mother speaks out after getting mugged in city park with her 2 kids
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Carolina Leid reports from Castleton Corners.

CLOVE LAKES, Staten Island (WABC) -- A recent spike in crime at local parks has new meaning to one Staten Island mother.

She was mugged in broad daylight at a park in Clove Lakes while pushing her two young children in a stroller.

She spoke exclusively to Eyewitness News about her frightening experience.

"As long as nothing happened to my children they could take anything," said Beth, the victim.

Eyewitness News is calling the victim "Beth" because she's worried the two teens who robbed her might come looking for her.

Monday afternoon, Beth was walking in Clove Lakes Park with her 2 and 3-year-old sons.

She didn't know someone was watching her every move.

"I felt someone come up behind me and put something on my back, a gentleman on my left told me, 'Give me everything you've got,'" Beth said.

Beth handed over the only money she had on her, $20 in her pocket, she did not have her wallet with her so they demanded her watch.

It happened along the wooded path between the ice skating rink and Stone House restaurant.

She's telling her story as a warning to others.

"I was worried about my kids. What if I had nothing on me and they hurt me in front of them. I just fear for mothers out there with their kids. These guys that are doing it, they don't have any fear," Beth said.

Beth was pushed by the men onto her stroller, but she and her sons were not hurt.