'It was very scary': 'The Sassy Trucker' is back in Houston after being stuck in Dubai for months

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Thursday, August 10, 2023
Influencer 'Sassy Trucker' back in Houston after being stuck in Dubai
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"The hardest part about being there was being a woman, going through that alone," she said as she arrived at Hobby Airport early Thursday morning. "It was just really scary for me."

HOUSTON, Texas -- For months, a Houston social media influencer known as "The Sassy Trucker" online was stuck in Dubai over an alleged dispute at a car rental agency.

ABC13 caught up with Tierra Young Allen, who is an actual truck driver, as well as a social media influencer, when she arrived at Hobby Airport early Thursday morning.

"It feels good to be home. I've been held in Dubai for so long, so it feels really good to be back. I'm really excited to see my family and friends," Allen said. "I'm happy to be back in the USA. I appreciate the USA so much for helping me get back home."

It's unknown if the 29-year-old is still facing criminal charges back in the United Arab Emirates. Allen said the investigation into her case is still ongoing.

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She had to pay a $1,360 deposit to Dubai police to clear her travel ban and leave the country. She told ABC13 she won't be going back out of fear that she'll be arrested.

"My mom helped me pay the deposit because I spent so much money in Dubai buying homes and apartments there to make sure I was doing good there. It was just too much for me to come up for myself," Allen said.

Allen said she moved to Dubai back in March, and the alleged altercation happened in April.

An advocate for Allen from a group known as Detained in Dubai said she was charged with shouting at an employee at a rental car agency. However, it was the employee, she said, who yelled at Allen and ran her out of the building in a "threatening" manner.

"I just felt like every day, the police were going to come and put me in prison. It was very scary," Allen said. "I didn't know what to do. I was nervous. Some days I just felt like I didn't want to be here."

Speech laws in the United Arab Emirates make issues like this quite serious.

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According to the Associated Press, people there who use a middle finger, send a text calling someone a name, or even swear in public can face criminal charges.

Allen told ABC13 the whole experience of living in Dubai was rough.

"The hardest part about being there was being a woman, going through that alone, not having no friends or family there in Dubai with me. Just struggling every day not knowing if I'm going to have a place to stay," Allen said. "Me living and trying to fend for myself, it was very hard because I didn't plan on staying there that long. It was just really scary for me."

Allen said police didn't put her in prison, but the entire experience was scary and nerve wracking.

Now, she's focused on spending time with family and friends and clearing her mind after the stressful experience. She said she also hopes to return to work soon.

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