Out-of-control tanker truck spills fuel on Yonkers street

YONKERS (WABC) -- A big cleanup is underway in Yonkers after an oil truck crashed and ended up on the side of a hill.

The accident occurred just before noon on Monday, and it all started out as a typical oil delivery. The truck was on High Street and pulled up right along the road. The driver then put the vehicle in park, hit the parking brake, and then pulled out the line to start offloading some of that oil into an apartment building. The driver suddenly heard a pop - that noise was his brake releasing. All of a sudden, the truck started rolling down the hill on High Street, right across the busy intersection at North Broadway and through a fence. The truck ultimately came to a rest when it slammed into the balcony off of the first floor apartment building. The truck was initially on its side.

Authorities tell Eyewitness News that about 100 gallons of fuel poured out of the truck. Firefighters used foam absorbent to clean everything up.

The driver of the truck was not hurt. The driver of the moving car was shaken up, but is okay. The building that ultimately stopped the runaway fuel truck is structurally okay, and there was no need for evacuation.
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