Seen on Saturday morning: January 5th

January 5, 2008 9:59:48 AM PST

It's a reinvention of a classic tap dance program "Where the Music Lives" features a 12- piece band with five tap dancers at its core. The performances begin Wednesday and run through January 13th. With us this morning is one of the dancers, Andrew J- Nemr.

So tell us about the upcoming show at The Julia Miles Theater?
"Where the Music Lives" will be running from January 9-13th and is really about making this music and dance relevant again. We're talking about the kind of music that came out of the culture of America from Frank Sinatra to Weather Report, presented through a dance that is uniquely American. It's about honoring the contributions of those who have played and danced before us, while being ourselves and sharing our joy with others. Unlike most dance shows, we consider ourselves as part of the overall band. There are 12 musicians but 5 of them happen to be tap dancers. In our show, we are the lead instrument, but the concept is based on everyone playing their part. Our aim is to push to dance to the next level.

How did you start out tap dancing?
I am an only child and when I was little, my parents wanted me to do something with other kids. There was a local dance school, Chris Collins' Dance Studio, walking distance from our house, so it all started there - tap, jazz, ballet, and gymnastics.

What made you stick with tap dance?
In 1989 I saw the movie TAP starring Gregory Hines, a young Savion Glover, and a lot of the Masters - Dr. Jimmy Slyde, Dr. Bunny Briggs, Harold Nicholas, Dr. Henry LeTang, Arthur Duncan. Their joy jumped of the screen and I was infected. Tap dancers call that "being flipped." My life was changed forever, like a calling. Gregory Hines later became my mentor.

And now you have a company?
Yes CPD PLUS. It stands for Cats Paying Dues. There are five of us now, and the group is really about having a situation in which I can pass on the knowledge I've been given by these masters, we can all work on our craft together, support one another, and develop material that will impact the dance and music scenes.

How can people get tickets?
Tickets are available through Telecharge at 212-239-6200 or on


Acne solutions that won't cost you a bundle. Joining us with some information about possible procedures is local dermatologist, Dr. Judith Hellman.

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-----PET MASSAGE-----

The art of massage has long been considered a luxury, but it's also a way to keep healthy... And that includes our pets, too. With us this morning to talk about the importance of pet massage and show us some techniques is the New Jersey Nets massage therapist, Sue Penna.

There are three reasons to massage your pet.

First, it is great for overall well-being. It increases circulation and lymph function helps maintain muscle tone; assists with joint flexibility; relieves muscle aches; and aids in the healing process after injury or surgery.

Massage is also great for the active pet. If you like to take your dog running with you, massage will help alleviate muscle soreness after a workout; it helps flush out lactic acid to keep muscles healthy; and healthy muscles reduce the risk of injury.

Finally, massage is a great for your older pet. As our pets age, they lose muscle tone and joint flexibility. They may also suffer from arthritis or hip dysphasia. As your pet's life becomes more sedentary, this is an important component to keep their muscles healthy which helps to make movement a little less stressful. Tight muscles reduce circulation and massage helps to bring needed blood and oxygen to muscle tissues which helps with cell health and rejuvenation.

The benefits we receive from massage are the same for our pets.

How is petting different from massage?
Petting is random and massage is a focused and intentional manipulation of the muscle.

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We're just five days into the new year... Have you kept your resolution of losing weight? With us this morning with some suggestions for success-- that come from the power of the mind-- is author of "losing weight when diets fail," Dr. Tom Kersting.

The SUPER-sizing of American appetites
Large, tempting portions of food are constantly thrown at us through radio, television and every source of media, thereby programming our mental hardware to crave and desire unhealthy eating habits.

After power programming the mind, readers will develop a constant awareness of the hunger feeling and recognize when the stomach has had enough. It is reinforced (suggestion) during the power programming sessions to stop eating long before you're full. Since this is done subconsciously, power programming users will find themselves super-aware of stopping eating long before they are full and find this not only easy to do but empowering to do.

Changing your subconscious approach to eating
Many of the images and suggestions that are reinforced during power programming sessions involve sinking ones teeth into juicy, healthy fruits and indulging in other healthy foods. Again, because this occurs subconsciously, readers will find that when hunger strikes, rather than images of donuts, burgers or pizza invading the mind, thoughts of healthy, moderate portions of food will take-over.

How to trigger a relentless motivation to exercise
The CD in the book consists of three power programming sessions. Session number two takes the reader through an entire mental scene of exercising with vigor and eating in a super-controlled fashion. During the session, readers will not only imagine themselves being motivated, they will feel it, intensely. And again, the subconscious is like a sponge and because of this, when readers are through with this session, rather than feeling despair when they think about exercising they will feel determined. Thought feeling action.

The importance of CONSISTENCY in exercising
The most important part to exercising is remaining consistent. In order to do so, one must have his mind on the goal-thinness. That's right there must be an ever-present image of the thin you if you want to stay committed and motivate. You've got to see yourself there and feel it.

As readers use the power programming method, they will reinforce images of dedication and success while eliminating the old mental images of discomfort and despair.

Why your cravings control you
Why do we crave ice cream, bagels and chocolate? Why don't we crave apples, oranges and pears? Look at it like this? When was the last time you saw a commercial with someone digging into a delicious pear? When was the last time you saw a commercial of someone indulging in a smooth, creamy piece of chocolate.

The power programming sessions create mental commercials of indulging into high energy, healthy foods like fruits and vegetables. Basically the bad stuff is replaced, subconsciously with the good stuff. Out with the old, in with the new.

Why 95% of all diets fail
Diets rely purely on willpower and do nothing to actually stop cravings. In the end, cravings always prevail. Power Programming is different. As readers learns to dive into a deep, hypnotic, state of mind they will literally delete the mental programs about large portions and junk food thereby putting up the road block to cravings.

What Causes Our love affair with food
What's the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word birthday? How about Thanksgiving or cruise or party? That's right, food. Everything in our society that involves wellness or feeling good is coupled with food. Our brains link feeling good with eating.

As readers read the book and learn how to use their subconscious, their mind will begin to connect food with fueling the body, not an emotion.