Another MTA fare hike on the horizon?

June 23, 2008 7:51:26 AM PDT
The MTA board is set to meet today -- and that may lead to more bad news for commuters. Service cuts and a possible fare hike on the agenda.Not only is the MTA looking at ways to slash spending. It's also looking at a substantial fare hike for the coming year.

For years, MTA officials have talked about how it has taken years to undo the damage inflicted on the city's mass transit system by decades of neglect and tight budgets.

In spite of all that talk -- today -- management at the MTA could take a vote to halt repairs at 19 stations.

Even paint jobs -- would be canceled.

The MTA must release a preliminary budget for 2009 -- next month.

And it's looking at a deficit of 500 to 700 million dollars.

A transit spokesman says none of the reductions will have an impact on what riders see.

And for now, planners are trying to protect major projects -- like the second avenue subway -- and the Long Island Railroad link to Grand Central Terminal.

MTA board members say the last thing they want to do is cut service -- especially when they've hit a record high in ridership.

But without more funding from the City and the state -- the MTA may have to start chopping at essentials that riders will see and feel.

STORY BY: Eyewitness News' Lisa Colagrossi
WEB PRODUCED BY: Lakisha Bostick