Taxi TV: Find out more!

June 14, 2012 11:06:35 AM PDT
Join ABC 7 New York as we partner with Creative Media Technologies (CMT) for the most exciting form of advertising in the New York area. ABC 7 Taxi TV brings consumers news, sports, weather, entertainment and more to a taxi fleet of 6,600 vehicles.Your Client can now engage with this upscale, highly educated, captive audience that makes up the New York taxi riders! Be a part of a consumer's everyday life through Taxi TV with video, and banner ads, sponsorships and fixed screen position availability. By the best content providers.

Each day ABC 7 New York produces a 14 minute video loop to include 9 minutes of news content and 5 minutes of advertising. All interactive ad units are digital, and environmentally friendly. Be a part of this emerging advertising opportunity and partner with ABC 7 New York as we bring consumers the most recognized programming for on-the-go viewing.

Taxi Facts:
Over 13,000 yellow cabs in NYC
Taxi TV video averages over 195,000 impressions a day
The average taxi ride is 14 minutes
The average taxi holds 1.5 adults
The average taxi has 21 fairs per day

Taxi TV Experience Overview/Primary Mode:
Video Screens measures at 10.4" and has full audio
Program begins playing when the meter is activated
Each video includes a companion static skyscraper banner
Screen has interactive features (on demand content, map, survey)
Ads can be scheduled to play at specific times, days and geographic locations for enhanced GPS based targeting Multiple creative copy can be scheduled

NYC Taxi Cab Demographic Data
Adults 18-49: 67 percent
Household Income $75k+: 62 percent
Education level- College Grad or more: 55%
Gender: 54% Female | 46% Male

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