2 arrested in string of purse snatchings on LI

Lucson Desir and Adesola Oguntunji

January 18, 2011 3:19:17 PM PST
Two suspects were arrested in a purse snatching on Long Island Friday night, and they may be linked to the string of purse snatchings across Nassau County.

"You become a prisoner in your house; I didn't like that feeling at all," said Joan Behrens, a purse snatching victim.

Joan Behrens still has the physical wounds from fighting off her attackers, but the emotional scars are far worse...

"Just the feeling of being so vulnerable, and it happened, it's scary just like that," Behrens said.

Like many of the victims, Behrens was knocked down and dragged from her own driveway by a couple of ruthless purse snatchers.

It's a crime spree that had many women worried about who would be next, but now there has been a major break in the case.

Over the weekend, police arrested 20-year-old Adesola Oguntunji and 22-year-old Lucson Desir after they allegedly stole handbags from two women who were walking in Hicksville.

Police say the two suspects were already on their radar.

So when officers tracked them down in a Nissan Maxima, they were busted by a cell phone!

"That car is stopped, cops called one of the women's cell phone and it rings in the front seat of the suspects car,"

Police now believe these are the same men wanted in a string of violent purse snatchings.

Since late October, there have been 14.

For Behrens, the news comes as a huge relief, and she will hopefully no longer suffer from sleepless nights.

"I'm thrilled to have my life back, no more dark circles," Behrens said.

Both defendants are charged with second-degree robbery with charges pending for the other incidents.

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