Family takes out billboard to find missing man

February 21, 2011 8:32:41 PM PST
Timothy Carney went missing six years ago, and all of these years later, his family hasn't given up hope.

They're still trying to find him, against so many odds.

In an effort to find him, they took out a huge billboard in Butler, New Jersey, asking for help and information.

The billboard is hard to miss.

It stands out along Route 23.

There are billboard's everywhere, but Phyllis Carney hopes one in particular will grab your attention.

"This way we keep his memory alive until he comes home," said Phyllis Carney, the missing man's mother.

Tim Carney hasn't been home in 6 years.

When he was 25, he disappeared without a trace.

Phyllis Carney said she'll never forget the night before he went missing, the last time he was in her arms.

"We had dinner, he said, 'Mom I love you,' and that was it," Phyllis Carney said.

He didn't show up to work.

His car was found abandoned.

No one seems to know what happened to him.

Erin Carney misses her brother and the bond they shared.

"I don't have it anymore, it is hard but I keep remembering the good thoughts," Erin Carney said.

After 6 years, Butler Police are still investigating his disappearance.

The Carney family is hoping a billboard will help spark new leads.

It was paid for by an organization that helps the families of missing adults.

A non-profit group called "Kristen Foundation."

According to some estimates, a couple hundred thousand adults are reported missing every year.

But that number may be higher, because a lot of adults who go missing are never reported.

That is why some people call it a silent epidemic.

The billboard is giving the Carney family a voice again, 6 years after Tim Carney's disappearance.

"If you can hear me, come home, we love you, miss you, see you soon. That was for Tim. That was for Tim," Phyllis Carney said.

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