Putting together a first-aid kit for the beach

June 30, 2011 1:54:16 PM PDT
Even when you're having fun in the summer sun, every you never know when something is going to go wrong.

Dr. David Neckritz is Chairman of Emergency Medicine at Coney Island hospital. He met up with Eyewitness News on the boardwalk to share some quick tips.

At this time of year, the number one thing he sees, aside from sunburns, are splinters from the boardwalk. He says the splinters often get infected, a reminder not to go barefoot.

"Kids try to run and stop short, and sure enough if a piece of wood is sticking out it goes right in their foot bottom of their foot. Very common injury in the emergency department," Dr. Neckritz said.

And for parents, a little preparation can prevent future misery.

Nicole Faverman is a mother of a 5, we asked her what's in her beach first aid kit.

"Honestly, not much to be honest with you, but I would probably take some band-aids with me and probably Neosporin just to be safe," she responded.

Dr. Neckritz recommends 5 things for a quick and easy first aid kit.

"Motrin or Tylenol for children, band-aids, antiseptics, towelettes, maybe even some little packages of Bacitracin," he said.

All of that works for small cuts or scrapes. An ice pack can also help if you sprain your ankle, or get stings from bugs, wasps, bees, all you do is crush the capsule inside and it gets cold.

And if you don't have these you can even bring a couple zip-lock bags fill it with ice. Or the vendors can give you ice while you're on the beach.

And whether or not you bring anything along. at least play it safe and sit close to the lifeguard.