Roosevelt man says he is victim of excessive force

June 14, 2012 2:31:40 PM PDT
In a cell phone video, 20-year-old Gary Mosley of Roosevelt is getting a drink of water. He exchanges some words with Nassau County police officer Joseph Stassi before Stassi smacks him in the head. Then, a small scuffle ensues.

"This is what he does in Roosevelt - to everybody around he does this to," said Gary Mosley.

Mosley says he's been physically assaulted at least 10 times by Officer Stassi. The most recent happened in late May.

In surveillance video, Mosley is up against a fence. Mosley says the officer was talking to him about giving him a ticket for jaywalking. Then, when Mosley tries to walk away, the officer pushes him in the chest so he goes back against the fence. Mosley appears to show no aggression.

More words are exchanged, and the officer takes Mosley by the hand it behind his back, restraining him. The officer then punches him in the head and tackles him to the ground, handcuffing him

"I was scared, and then I was like 'what am I doing for him to hit me?'" said Mosley.

"This police officer should be suspended immediately, and there should be a complete investigation into the way this police officer is treating young black people in Roosevelt," said Attorney Ken Mollins.

Nassau Police say both cases are being reviewed by the department's Internal Affairs division, unfortunately because they are we will not be commenting on those cases any further. When they are done, they will submitted to the Commissioner for his review

The Police Union is standing behind Officer Stassi. They say Mosley is well-known to law enforcement, and that the videos don't tell the entire story.

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