2 hurt when cherry picker overturns in Brooklyn

May 6, 2013 3:14:32 PM PDT
This story could have had a different ending had it not been for two things: the safety harnesses the workers were wearing and the mound of dirt they landed on when their truck toppled over.

Both saved their lives.

While in the bucket of a cherry picker, the two workers fell to Earth when their truck toppled over.

Investigators say a mechanical failure caused the rig to fall on its side.

The accident happened along Rockaway Parkway in Canarsie, Brooklyn when the accident happened early Monday afternoon.

"The two workers that were in the basket of this truck had their safety harness on. It didn't eject them out of the basket," Battalion Fire Chief Brian Foley said.

Also, they fell on a mound of dirt, which lessoned the blow. But one of the workers got trapped in the basket and emergency services had to cut through the steel to get him out.

"We had to stabilizer it with a backhoe on one end and a backhoe on the other end with a chain because we didn't want it to catapult back up when we removed him from the basket," Foley said.

Once the workers were on their way to the hospital, police and firefighters were left with the challenging task of removing the massive cherry picker.

Using two heavy duty tow trucks, crews managed to upright the truck before hauling it away.

As for the injured workers, we're told both suffered numerous broken bones, but nothing life threatening.

Federal investigators with OSHA and city inspectors are taking a closer look at what happened here.