Brides find dress store closed, owner denies it

June 28, 2013 2:41:38 PM PDT
Some brides on Long Island went to pick up their wedding gowns at a store in Glen Head only to find it suddenly closed.

"Last afternoon, I had my first fitting for the dress and they contact me on Facebook and tried to cancel my reservation, so I freaked out," said Hedy Kilbertus, a bride.

That was just the beginning for bride Hedy Kilbertus.

When she went to pick up her wedding dress, just three weeks away from her big day, there was no sign on the door and the phone was disconnected.

Eventually she found out that the store had moved a few miles away.

Inside, was a jumbled mess of wedding dresses and gowns.

"Finally, the seamstress shows up and what does she have, just material," Kilbertus said.

Eyewitness News spoke with other brides who say they spent hours alone in the dark, in a store without air conditioning digging and looking for their gowns.

They say their belts and veils are missing.

Owner Ceszar Dalaza denies that.

"I would like to speak with these individuals and they are more than welcome to come to the new shop," said Ceszar Dalaza, the store's owner.

Dalaza also denies that he was evicted.

"I left the premises due to court battle and litigation I'm currently facing with the previous owner," Dalaza said.

Kilbertus says she's done with Dalaza.

She's getting a new dress and preparing to sue as are other brides Eyewitness News spoke with.

"There's no sense of responsibility from these people," Kilbertus said.

"I'm sorry for the inconvenience. We have not closed shop. It says on all our social media accounts," Dalaza said.