Woman dies days after being struck by hit-and-run driver in the Bronx

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Darla Miles reports from Hunts Point.

There is a desperate and tearful plea from the family of a woman who was run over by a motorcycle in the Bronx.

Police say she was in the crosswalk when the rider hit her, drove off, and left her there to die.

"Just picturing what happens kills me, I mean that could have been that person's mother or that person's loved one, how could you have left her there like that," said Roxanna Ramirez, the victim's daughter.

Even though her bright smile and infectious laugh show 60-year-old Rosa Ramirez posed in family photos, it's the image of her crossing the street that is the lasting memory for her youngest daughter.

"It just hurts to know that she was about to make it to the division when she got hit," Roxanna said.

Police say Rosa was struck by a red motorcycle while crossing the street at the intersection of Hunts Point Avenue and the Bruckner Expressway Service Road Sunday evening around 9:30.

"They say with the impact and everything she had a fractured skull with internal bleeding in and out so she was in a coma," said Alex Fournier, the victim's son-in-law.

"Did she ever regain consciousness?" Eyewitness News asked.

"No," Fournier said.

Investigators believe the biker briefly stopped, looked at the 60-year-old grandmother, but kept on going.

They're looking into the possibility that the suspect had just left Barretto Point Park, and may have been part of a larger group of bikers that were disbanded by police not long before the accident.

"He will never pay for the damage he's done," said Arnulfo Ramirez, the victim's husband.

Rosa was declared brain dead Tuesday, and her husband of 26 years, four daughters, and nine grandkids were all by her side when she passed away early Friday.

"Don't tell me my mom had to die like this, my mom should never have died like this," said Silvia Rodriguez, the victim's daughter. "To the person who did this, if you have a heart and have a mother, turn yourself in."
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