Car dealer accused of deceptive tactics

MASTIC (WABC) -- Some car customers say they thought they were paying one price for a new set of wheels, but then got a bill for thousands more.

A sales manager walked away from us at Nissan 112, after we asked about two customers who say their dealership deceived them.

('Do you feel like you were taken advantage of?') "Yeah," said customer Misanoor Rahman.

Last June, Rahman thought he made a sweet deal on a new Pathfinder. The sticker price was $31,000 but he got a deal handwritten on the purchase agreement: less than $28,000.

('You thought you were good to go, it was like 27, right?') "Yeah, 27," said Rahman.

But after he got home, he found another purchase agreement with a pumped up price, nearly $10,000 higher.

Nissan told him the first agreement wasn't valid since it was unsigned. The 2nd one was signed but:

('They had you sign something, and put a different figure on it?') "Yeah," he said.

"I'm paying $7,000 more than this car is worth!", said Tony Albarino.

Albarino says he got flim-flammed too. Nissan 112 promised in writing to refinance his car deal and lower his monthly payments. But a year later, he says he's still paying more than he can afford.

"I think they're saying whatever they have to say to get you to sign that paper and leave with that car that day," said Albarino.

And every time each goes to the dealership for answers?

"I've been dismissed," said Albarino.

"They told me not to go back," said Rahman.

Over the phone, a manager told us the dealership would refund Rahman nearly 10 grand, but when the check didn't come we paid a visit.

"Where is the check?," we asked. "It was supposed to be cut last Thursday," was the reply.

The salesman who agreed to look at Rahman's 2 purchase orders disagreed with how the customers see it.

"That's bait and switch, you lure with the bait and switch to something else," he said.

"You can call it what you want, the Attorney General is calling it an investigation," we said.

7 On Your Side obtained a letter, learning the New York Attorney General is investigating Nissan 112 for "allegations of fraud" and "deceptive business practices." And just hours after we left the dealership:

"It took your 4 hours what it took me 4 months, you came and it was done," said Albarino.

The night of our visit, Tony got new wheels, financed at the lower rate.

"They treated me like a king!," he said.

And Rahman got full satisfaction too.

"7 On Your Side rocks, they can make things happen," he said.

Nissan 112 said they did nothing wrong, and only helped our viewers as a "courtesy."

The big takeaway here is first: get the price of the car you've negotiated in writing and make sure it's signed.

Go over the agreement line by line. Make sure you understand it before signing.

And never ever sign a blank agreement. And if you're not comfortable, walk out of the dealership.
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