7 On Your Side: What are the hottest steals and deals in February?

BySteve J. Livingstone via WABC logo
Thursday, January 31, 2019
7 On Your Side: February's best bets
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Nina Pineda reports on February's best deals.

NEW YORK (WABC) -- Mark your calendars for three big shopping events this month.

First, this weekend kicks off the Super Bowl which means time to splurge on the luxury TV for the big party. Also, Valentine's Day is the 14th, of course.

And that will lead right into Presidents Day weekend, loaded with deals to celebrate

There are sweet deals on kitchen "suites" this month, so bundle up your new appliances and save, said Deb Oberg, independent retailer and owner of Oberg & Lindquist.

"You would purchase a cook-top and matching oven and get a matching dishwasher," Oberg said.

Presidents Day sales this month will see some of the lowest prices of the years on large appliances.

Consumer expert Janice Lieberman says prices plummet with the temps before appliance trade shows in March. Her inside tip for even more saving?

"Ask for floor models or out of the box someone returned for some reason. Make sure that they have warranties. So they should work perfectly and they can knock off a couple hundred dollars," Lieberman said.

Rebates will also put money back in your pocket. Look for green incentives in your state, like New Jersey's clean energy program

"You would go online and go to NewJerseyenergystar.com and they will send you a $75 check to thank you for being efficient," Lieberman said.

This is also the month to thank your mattress for years of service and say goodbye.

Mattresses lose support after a decade of use, says the owner of Westwood Sleep Centers, Dion Vanderleaf. He expects to knock $200 to $500 off queen and king sets the weekend before February 18th.

"Presidents week is always our best sale of the year," Vanderleaf said.

Along with beds, anything to do with bedding is a best bet.

Kick off your Super Bowl party with a new 4k TV. The Consumer Electronics Show last month unveiled the latest tech and retailers will be lowering prices on previous-generation high-end televisions, phones, tablets and computers before and after the big game.

Just save some money for Valentine's Day and plan ahead when it comes to jewelry.

What you wont get a break on this month is spring apparel. It's not on sale, but coats are.

Gym memberships were at the lowest prices last month but will drop again before summer.

Luggage and travel are both expensive right now for spring break.



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