Money saving tips for prom kids and bridesmaids

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Friday, May 13, 2016
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7 On Your Side's Nina Pineda has the latest details.

Shopping expert Andrea Woroch's a budget hack, beginning with what to "wear", "where" you get it can save you hundreds.

"Go online to sites likes "" or ""

Used dresses online are a fraction of the cost of retail.

Pam DeBlasio's consignment shop is perfect for prom-goers and bridesmaids who can score designer brands at deep discount and accessorize on the cheap.

If your kid has her heart set on those Jimmy Choos, Andrea says encourage them to sell their old gadgets to make money.

"At they can sell an old Iphone for $55. Encourage them to de-clutter.

Next to save on that expensive destination wedding try to "Travel Hack" your way into free airfare or hotel stays. Look for sign up bonus points on rewards credit cards. And see if you and your friends can rent a house instead of paying hotel rooms.

And two great tips to save on gifts. First, shop for discount gifts cards to give on sites like and

Next think about giving the "gift of your service," can you make favors or pick up people at the airport.

Another great tip, forget the traditional stretch limo think party bus instead.

The owner of The Good Life Transportation says the trend now is to pay for 1 vehicle to make multiple trips for the whole wedding party or prom group.