Fans choose top 5 contestants as 'American Idol' season starts winding down

ByGeorge Pennacchio OTRC logo
Monday, May 6, 2024
'American Idol' top 5 revealed
"It's really amazing what these kids are able to do in just a short few months as far as growth." Judges Luke Bryan. Lionel Richie and Katy Perry are impressed with the competitors who have made "American Idol's" Top 5.

HOLLYWOOD -- "American Idol" is now down to the season's top 5. The judges on the long running competition series are impressed with this spring's talent.

"They all are strong in their lanes, so I don't have a prediction at this point," said Lionel Richie.

"Every week, you know, you can see them kind of upping their game and trying new things," said Luke Bryan. "It's really amazing what these kids are able to do in just a short few months as far as growth."

"I'm really surprised that Jack (Blocker) is our top 5, but he totally deserves it," said Katy Perry. "What he gave us with that Little Richard song was jaw-dropping."

"It feels like we're getting into a groove being here for a while and those performances just feel so comfortable," said Blocker. "It doesn't feel like we're fighting for approval. It just feels like we're having a blast up there."

"I think the amazing thing is that all these people have such individual strengths within them that if they really grab a hold of it, they can have a career for the rest of their life, regardless of this outcome," said Abi Carter.

That includes the two singers eliminated Sunday night.

"You get stage presence. You get confidence. You get validation. You get new friends. You get so much, and you are now able to take it into the world," said Julia Gagnon.

"And it's a huge jumpstart to having a career as well, so I'm really grateful for that," said McKenna Faith Breinholt.

Top 5 contestant Emmy Russell acknowledges the stakes are higher.

"It gets less intimidating because you feel love and accepted already because you've been there. Like, you're like, 'Dang, I'm top 5.' Like, that is a pat on the back," said Russell.

Sunday May 12 is the popular Disney Night at "American Idol" with country star Kane Brown mentoring the top 5. The season finale airs on May 19.

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