Exclusive: Murder suspect's parents speak out

LONG ISLAND The 29-year-old Forbes is accused of killing her husband Michael last month at the couple's home in Merrick, Long Island. She is charged with manslaughter.

On Friday, her parents spoke exclusively to Eyewitness News.

The parents tell me there was no way she'd be capable of murder. They say they knew she was in a troubled marriage, they just didn't know how serious the trouble was.

"I said this is not my daughter ... she would never do something like this," Male Chadee, the suspect's mother, said.

Mrs. Chadee cried for days after hearing her daughter Kelly had been arrested, charged with murdering her husband. Chadee was in Trinidad when she received the shocking news.

"I was like in a trance ... I couldn't sleep, I couldn't eat," Donny Chadee, the suspect's father, said.

Donny Chadee has a close relationship with his daughter and insists there is only one explanation.

"I think she was ... fighting for her life and the life of her child," Donny said.

It has been an emotional rollercoaster for the parents. Two weeks ago, she was arrested after police said she strangled her 50-year-old husband with that cord.

The Chadees now believe their daughter was verbally and physically abused by Forbes, who has a long criminal history -- something they say Kelly wasn't aware of when she married him.

They describe Forbes as a jealous man who had a tough time accepting Kelly's eight-year-old daughter.

Defense Attorney Anthony Capatola says he has no doubt Kelly Forbes was fighting for her life.

"I think he was trying to murder her on the night lost his life," he said.

The Chadees say their daughter is feeling confident and strong, but the ordeal has been especially hard for Kelly's daughter, who has no idea her stepfather is dead and her mother is in jail.

The Chadees plan to take their granddaughter back to Trinidad to all of this is resolved.

The DA's office is actively pursuing this case.

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