State Sen. Parker arrested in Brooklyn

FLATBUSH Kevin Parker -- who's from from Brooklyn -- has been in trouble with the law before, because of his temper. Sen. Parker has actually been sent to anger management training in the past, but now he's lost his leadership role in the state senate after this alleged scuffle with a photographer.

The State Senator Kevin Parker wanted nothing to do with reporters as he left his arraignment on a felony charge in Brooklyn.

The senator, in trouble for allegedly charging at a New York Post photographer Friday night -- outside the senator's parents' home in Flatbush. He's also accused of damaging the photographer's camera and car -- allegedly ripping off the car's door panel with his legs.

"The senator denies touching the photographer, hurting the photographer?" Eyewitness News' Stacey Sager.
"Listen, he didn't enter a plea today. He will be pleading not guilty, he's going to defend himself," Parker's attorney Lonnie Hart said.

The reason the New York post was covering Senator Parker -- is because his home, on Bedford Avenue -- is in danger of foreclosure. The senator -- an outspoken supporter of foreclosure relief in the past -- some of his constituents are not too pleased about his latest altercation.

"Cause he's supposed to be a role model for the community, so if he's doing these things, he's not living up to his word," Flatbush resident Nicole Johnson said.

Especially, given the fact that it's not the first time, Kevin Griffith happened to witness an incident back in 2005 -- in which Parker was accused of punching a city traffic agent in the face…and so regarding Parker's latest brush with the law....

"I heard about it from my grandmother, she told me and I was like, "wow"…another incident, so step your game up, politician," Flatbush resident Kevin Griffith said.

Also, just last year Parker was accused of choking a staffer, and smashing her glasses. But he claimed that she started the whole thing.

Against the backdrop of all of this -- Senate Majority Leader Malcolm Smith released a statement saying he considered the charges serious and had stripped Parker of his positions as Majority Whip and chairman of the energy committee.

"These are serious charges which demand the attention of the proper authorities, and my decision today will stand until resolution of the proceedings that Senator Parker faces." -- Sen. Majority Leader Malcom Smith

Sen. Kevin Parker did issue a statement on Saturday saying that he agrees with what Malcolm Smith has done. Parker said he does not want to be a distraction for the state senate right now.

Parker was released without bail today, he's due back in court on June 26.

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