Bronx natives Aventura set to rock sold-out MSG

BRONX The group is called Aventura, and they sat down with Eywitness News reporter Carolina Leid.

Aventura's new record has held the number one spot for the last 20 weeks on Billboard's top Latin albums chart. Both Aventura and Lady GaGa's New York shows open Wednesday. But the guys from Aventura will triple the number of tickets GaGa sells, playing for 20,000 fans a night.

Now, after 10 years of struggle, Aventura has sold millions of records, won numerous awards and is one of the most sought after Latino groups in the world.

The four creative young men blended Dominican bachata with R&B, hip hop and other urban sounds to create a new and unique signature sound.

"When you see us live, you really realize that it's, you just have to give us good lighting, a stage, a great audience and we're going to rock," group member Romeo said.

Aventura was raised in the south Bronx. They formed their group in 1996. Now, they say they can't even walk the streets without fans hounding them.

"The other day, I'm in the bronx and it's cold and I have a big North Face coat...covering up my face," Aventura member Max said. "And someone's like, 'Ese no es Mikey de Aventura?' I was like get the heck out of here. They still recognize me."

It's a long way from when the guys formed their group in their school cafeteria. Aventura still has its four original members. There is lead singer, composer, producer and heart throb Romeo; producer and guitarist Lenny; basist Max and vocalist Henry.

"To us, we're enjoying the moment, thanking God and, of course, thanking our fans," Lenny said.

They're dubbed the Kings of Bachata, music from their Dominican roots.

The group has sold out three nights at Madison Square Garden and had to add a fourth night to meet demand, putting them among the ranks of artists like Madonna, Bruce Springsteen and Billy Joel.

"We're going to have the stage in the middle," Max said. "It's going to be crazy. We can't wait for that night, those nights, it's going to be four."

Smash hits like Obsession, Hermanita, and Mi Corazonsito have taken the group all over the world. And fans are just that - fanatic.

"When I got to the room, I'm hearing something," Romeo said. "I thought I was exhausted and just hearing things. But I'm hearing giggles. It was girls, fans, two under the bed and two in the closet. I don't know how they got in the room."

They say it's a good feeling being loved by so many fans, because without them, they say they would be nothing.

"The fans are the core of what this group is today," Henry said.

Aventura's Wendesday, Thursday and Monday shows are sold out. But there are still tickets available for their fourth show on February 2.

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