Program helps students learn how they learn

February 5, 2010 3:17:34 PM PST
Part of the challenge of learning is learning how to learn. But some new technology is making it easier, and a little more fun. The online program, called Brainology, teaches kids a new way to learn.

"The video told me that if you write it down and say it, like, out loud, that it stores the information in your brain," student Ariella Pusey said.

Brainology is part of the curriculum at the Brooklyn Prospect Charter School and is the first year of what will become a sixth through 12th grade school.

"It gets them to understand how the neurons actually work to build connections in the brain every time they learn something new," principal Lanolia Ufondu said. "And then they actually define what learning is."

The reason for using Brainology is simple: Educators feel that by teaching children how the brain learns, it sets the stage for everything they will learn for the rest of their lives.

There are strategy sessions on how best to use the brain.

"I know what's going on in my brain when I'm learning," student Jessica Peese said. "And it also gives strategies to help with memory and keeping calm when you're in class and taking a test or something."

Students say the program is very user-friendly.

"I've grown up to learn science, and so learning how the brain works is just really fun for me," student Dean Berrios said.

"Brainology is a program that helps every student, even those who doubt their abilities, to understand that they, too, can have great success if they work really hard," teacher Craig Michael Cetrulo said.

The use of Brainology is by subscription. The school plans to use it for every incoming sixth grade class.