Freelancing becoming popular option

NEW YORK Home is where Martin Walker's heart is, and where his freelance computer software business also finds a home.

"I've been able to choose to do something that i really feel strongly about," says Walker.

It was a bold move going out on his own after 22 years as an information tech manager.

Walker created 'Mindsparke', brain training software, allowing him to pursue a lifelong dream.

"It's also the freedom to do something valuable with your skills," adds Walker. "To do something you feel is valuable".

Martin is one of a rapidly growing number of freelance workers thought now to make up close to a third of the U.S. workforce.

"About 10 years ago when you said I'm freelance, people thought that meant you were like a slacker dude or were unemployed. Now when you say you're freelance people say, what do you do?" said Sara Horowitz, Freelancers Union founder.

Horowitz, has seen membership in her non profit advocacy organization double to 132,000 in the last two years.

"When your a freelancer you have to market to get the work. Then you have to conceptualize the work. And you have to do the work. And then you have to do it all over again," adds Horowitz.

Losing her job in 2008, Lauren Brown became a freelance pop culture entertainment writer.

"It's not the same sense of security that you have when your on staff somewhere and they have a little more invested in you. This is like your constantly proving yourself," says Brown.

Tips to help freelancers

  • Freelancers must be self motivated
  • Sometimes work in isolation
  • You can't be shy
  • Live on a budget
  • Create a financial bridge
  • Networking
  • Set long term deals

    "The sense of freedom and release you get from working for yourself is great, but it's not for everyone," adds Martin.




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