Smoking ban enforced on Great Neck sidewalks

January 6, 2011 3:34:00 PM PST
If you get caught smoking during her lunch break, it could cost her more than a paycheck. That's because a new law in effect makes lighting up on the sidewalk illegal.

"As American it's important for us to have rights and I feel by taking our right to freely smoke outside is ridiculous," said Aleah Smith.

On Wednesday the trustees in the village of Great Neck passed the toughest smoking ban in the country to date.

Mayor Ralph Kreitzman responded to complaints from local business owners along Middle Neck Road and says the issue is not to protect the rights of smokers.

"We're not telling them they can't smoke. They can smoke in their cars, and in parking lots and in their houses," said Mayor Kreitzman.

The law prohibits smoking on sidewalks in front of commercial buildings, Village Green park, and the Housing Authority.

The area stretches a little over a mile long.

A local deli owner said smoke was billowing in from the outside and affecting the air quality inside.

But smokers are already being told they can't smoke in bars and restaurants and now they can't even step outside for a cigarette.

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