Freezing fat cells


Dr. Eric Schweiger uses the process that requires no surgery, no needles, and no anesthesia.

An icy cold pad is placed on the region that he'll treat first, and then the /*Zeltiq*/ device is placed on top.

The procedure lasts only one hour. The fat gradually disappears over a couple of months.

Schweiger says this technique came about after researchers noticed that kids who sucked more popsicles had more dimples.

Based on this observation, researchers at looked at the effect of cold on the skin.

They found that by cooling the skin and keeping it at 68 degrees Fahrenheit, some of the fat could be destroyed, while the skin, muscle, and nerves survived Zetliq is not without side effects.

Schweiger says the procedure results in some redness and bruising that lasts about five days.

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