Ramrattan worked as informant, questions cases


The new question from Jerry Ramrattan is: did he lie about other cases that sent people to prison?

Jerry Ramrattan sat defiant in a Queens courtroom last week as a Judge blasted the 39-year-old for scheming to frame his ex-girlfriend for armed robbery because she'd accused him of rape.

Ramrattan, convicted for up to 32 years for rape, and lying, perjury, stood up in court and vowed, "This isn't over."

What he now says he meant is that he worked for years as a confidential paid informant for various district attorney's offices, getting convictions which he believes could now be in jeopardy, he called Eyewitness News from Rikers.

"How many cases would you say you testified for DA's?" Eyewitness News Investigator Sarah Wallace asked.

"Several cases," Jerry Ramrattan said.

"What happens to those cases?" Wallace asked.

"Well, I think they should all be overturned, because if I lied about this case, then I lied about all the cases, correct?" Ramrattan said.

He says he worked for all of the DA's offices except Staten Island, and provided letters from the Bronx and Brooklyn, asking a parole board for leniency in 1999 when Ramrattan was convicted of a robbery.

The letters note he testified in the grand jury, and in the Brooklyn case, that there were four separate convictions because of his cooperation.

"Any case I was involved with may be overturned because of this nonsense," Ramrattan said.

But Defense attorney and former Prosecutor Mark Bederow don't think that's true at all.

The Queens and Manhattan DA's say they don't comment on confidential informants.

The Bronx DA says Ramrattan was used only once and never paid.

The Brooklyn DA's office told Eyewitness News if the claims raise any legal issues, they'll be looked into.


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