Awkwafina, Sandra Oh make a play for fast money in new Hulu comedy 'Quiz Lady'

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Thursday, November 2, 2023
Awkwafina, Sandra Oh chase fast money in Hulu comedy 'Quiz Lady'
Awkwafina and Sandra Oh star as sisters who make a play for fast money in the new Hulu comedy, "Quiz Lady."

The new comedy film "Quiz Lady" throws Sandra Oh and Awkwafina into a bit of a role reversal: they play sisters, with Sandra the wild and crazy sibling, and Awkwafina the shy, more grounded one.

They have to repair their estranged relationship after their mom disappears from her assisted living home because of her gambling debts. The mismatched siblings are also in need of "fast money" to retrieve a beloved pet dog, who has been kidnapped to give them the "incentive" to move quickly.

What better way to earn quick cash than to go on a favorite game show - and one that Awkwafina's character happens to be especially good at.

"Quiz Lady" celebrates the often-complex spirit of sisterhood, and director Jessica Yu could not have been happier with her two lead actors.

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Now that the SAG-AFTRA strike is over, actors are catching up, talking about their latest projects. For Sandra Oh and Awkwafina, it's the Hulu movie "Quiz Lady." The film tells the story of two sisters who join forces when their mother runs off because she's in big trouble..

"They're both so skilled in both in drama and in comedy. But I think the combination of their characters and the way that the comedy and dramas weave together is different here," said Yu. "And I think that that was kind of exciting to them, certainly for me as well."

Yu says the two actors are different in the way they prepare and approach the material. However, they had the luxury of having plenty of "prep" time before shooting the film.

"We had the time to work together. And you know, for about a year we workshopped, we would meet up for coffee or table read in the backyard," said Yu. "So there was real time to figure things out together, to establish that trust so that on the first day, we shot the last scene of the film on the first day, like that's how rock solid that foundation was."

"Quiz Lady" debuts on Hulu on Friday, Nov. 3.

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