Bachelor in Paradise Season 9 Episode 9 Recap: 2 breakups and a shocking goodbye

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Rachel leave Paradise
Rachel decides to leave Paradise during the fourth Rose Ceremony.

NEW YORK -- It is the final episode before the finale of this season of "Bachelor in Paradise," which means it is the make-or-break moment for many couples. Even though this week's episode was shorter, there is still plenty of drama to unpack.

Blake and Jess break up

After his ex-fiancé, former Bachelorette Katie Thurston, came down to the beach, Blake pulls Jess to talk. Their conversation results in what might be the world's most anti-climactic breakup.

"I have had a real taste of what love is here, and I feel like we are not getting there," said Blake. "Everything is pointing to, as much as we want this to work, it's not going to. Are we just waiting for the end?"

Even though Jess cries, she tells Blake that she has "no hard feelings."

Blake decides to leave Paradise, as the third time was not the charm for him this season.

Surprisingly, Kylee chases Blake up the stairs as he leaves. Not sure if it is just me, but her goodbye to him makes me feel like she has feelings for Blake.

"I feel like you are giving up too easily. I can't be here without you, what am I supposed to do?" Kylee said.

I have had a real taste of what love is here, and I feel like we are not getting there.
Blake Moynes

Mercedes and Tyler break up

Ahead of the Rose Ceremony, Mercedes pulls Tyler to talk. She says she feels like something is off with their connection.

"We haven't gotten deeper with each other," Mercedes said. "I don't feel like you are trying to pursue me."

As Mercedes talks to Tyler, I cannot help but wonder if she ever found out about his make-out session with Jess earlier this season.

Tyler says he has been waiting for a "spark" to form with Mercedes, and he is worried about dating long distance.

"I feel used," said Mercedes. "There is just something so off. At the end of the day, I feel like you are just here having fun... You weren't honest with me."

I feel used... You weren't honest with me.
Mercedes Northup

New couples form ahead of the Rose Ceremony

After going on a one-on-one date last episode, Michael and Olivia seem to be forming a stronger connection. Michael pulls her aside for a cute moment with a makeshift basketball and a hoop.

Plus, Rachel says she is excited about her connection with Jordan, but he has his eyes on Mercedes. Jordan wonders if he and Rachel are just meant to be friends.

"Is the romantic side for me there? I don't know if I can get those romantic feelings back," Jordan said.

Meanwhile, both Jess and Mercedes are newly single ahead of the Rose Ceremony.

Jordan pulls Mercedes to talk, and it seems as though the two of them may form a nice connection together.

Jess is being pursued by Brayden, Taylor and Tanner. Brayden even goes so far as to give Jess a box of chocolates. But, her connection with Tanner seems to be the strongest. Jess tells Tanner she would like to get to know him, but she is feeling "a little weird" after her breakup with Blake.

"My biggest regret is not giving Jess and I a chance," said Tanner.

I don't know if I can get those romantic feelings back.
Jordan Vandergriff

Rose Ceremony

It is the fourth Rose Ceremony in this season of Paradise, and the women have the power this week. Jesse says that after Blake and Tyler sent themselves home, only one other man will be going home tonight. Half of the relationships on the beach seem stable, and the first several roses are not a surprise.


Eliza --- Aaron B.

Kat --- John Henry

Kylee --- Aven

Olivia --- Michael

Sam --- Peter

Jess --- Tanner

Mercedes --- Jordan

Rachel --- Forfeits rose

It is not until the end of the Rose Ceremony that the drama starts. However, there is an awkward moment when Jess calls Tanner's name and Taylor mistakenly thinks Jess is giving him her rose. Plus, Kat seems the happiest she has been since entering Paradise.

"I am finally getting pieces of my soul back," Kat said after giving John Henry her rose.

I am finally getting pieces of my soul back.
Kat Izzo

Rachel leaves Paradise

Both Taylor and Brayden are sent home after Rachel decides not to give her rose to anyone. It seems as if she planned to give her rose to Jordan, and when he accepted Mercedes' rose, Rachel felt she did not have a future in Paradise.

She steps away from the Rose Ceremony, like the former Bachelorette she is, to have a moment alone. She tells Jesse she feels like her time in Paradise has come to an end.

"When I came down those steps, I told myself, if there was a point I knew I needed to go, I would go," Rachel said. "It's going to be so hard, but I think I know this is that moment."

Meanwhile, as Brayden leaves, he has second thoughts about his time in Paradise.

"I feel like I should not have gone on that date with Becca. I had really good vibes with Rachel, but I messed up the potential for a relationship with her. I burned a bridge with somebody that is an amazing woman," Brayden said.

I told myself, if there was a point I knew I needed to go, I would go.
Rachel Recchia

Next Week on "Bachelor in Paradise"

The finale of this season of Paradise is next week. From the preview we learn that at least one couple will get engaged and another couple will get married. A lot of tears will be shed, and there will be a Paradise party to close out this season.

"Bachelor in Paradise" airs Thursdays on ABC.