Becca gives out her final rose on 'The Bachelorette'

ByJennifer Matarese via WABC logo
Tuesday, August 7, 2018

NEW YORK -- Chris Harrison called "The Bachelorette" finale an "absolute tearjerker" and boy was he right! We began in the Maldives with two men and one rose. Becca feels like she's in love with both Blake and Garrett. She's hoping her final dates and her family's opinions will help her decide. Becca's family is at a beautiful villa waiting to meet her final two bachelors. Garrett was up first, and he was shaking as he walked in. Garrett told them how he got the first impression rose and about how happy he was to introduce Becca to his family. He didn't waste any time in telling them that he absolutely loves her.

Becca's mother said that her father would be happy hearing Garrett's love for her, but she's nervous that she was lovey-dovey with Arie and she's acting the same way again. Becca told her not to worry, that it's really different this time. Garrett cried while talking to Becca's uncle about how he lost a family member and his mom had cancer and just talking about how important his family is to him. Her uncle seemed touch by Garrett's sensitivity. He also cried again with her sister. She absolutely loved him and told Becca that he's amazing. They hugged and cried talking about him. Garrett's time with Becca's family couldn't have gone better.

The next day, Becca begged her family to give Blake a fair shot and enter the meeting with an open mind. He's got a tough act to follow. Blake told her family that he told Becca he loved her in the Bahamas. Her sister wanted to try to figure out how Blake is different from Garrett. Blake told her that he gravitates towards strong women and he has many in his family and he thinks Becca is the strongest woman he's ever met. Blake went on to tell Becca's sister that last week he started to worry about her connection with Garrett. Emily told Becca that she thinks Blake is very similar to her. She thinks that Garrett would be an amazing father while Blake would be more of a teammate that would challenge her. She thinks they are both great choices, but Becca just needs to choose what she wants.

Becca's mother told Blake that he will be fine either way and that she finds him to be special. He found it really weird that she said that to him. He thinks that Becca's mother knows that she's not going to pick him. Her uncles both told him he should be prepared to go home and even asked him if there was anything wrong with Garrett! Wow. Blake was very upset and said in an interview that he didn't want to talk about Garrett anymore. He said, unfortunately, usually his brain is right when he suspects something. Blake called it a curse. He sensed something was off and he said in the past, that always meant a breakup. Poor Blake! He's literally being tortured by this process.

Garrett was up first for his late date. They ran into each other's arms and hugged and kissed and then boarded an amazing sailboat. Garrett delighted in hearing from Becca how much her family just loved him. They were midsentence talking about her sister when a pod of dolphins swam alongside their boat. It was so beautiful! There was even a baby one! Then the dolphins did some jumps and tricks! It was amazing. Garrett and Becca stood on the bow of the boat and kissed. It was very reminiscent of "Titanic." They just seemed very solid together and like they genuinely enjoy each other's company.

Later at dinner, Garrett talked about how he dreams about their future life together. His ideal situation is thinking about planning dinner together and him changing a baby's diaper while Becca gets ready for work. Garrett told Becca that she always makes him feel good. Becca said that the whole night they were together, he always touched her, even if it was with his pinky or his feet. Garrett said he just didn't want her to get away. They seem so in love! Garrett told her he's confident in their love and that he's willing to go with her decision even if it doesn't go his way as long as she is happy. Wow, he is just towing the confidence line and that is hot. Becca then told Garrett that he reminds her of his dad. Oh my goodness is this a done deal?! That's a huge clue of where Becca's heart is heading.

Blake had his shot next and Becca greeted him with just as big a smile and even more kisses than she gave to Garrett. Blake seems a tiny bit stressed out though. They boarded some bicycles and then rode through the area. Then they got on a paddle board and had some fun swimming in the ocean. There were even sea turtles swimming nearby! It's just an absolutely beautiful setting to fall in love. Once on the beach, Becca told Blake that she's been using the dates and time with her family to try to figure out where her heart is headed. She told him that it's very difficult, and not easy, and she feels bad saying that over and over. Blake said he's glad they can talk about it and he's doing his best to stay open to her and he really wants to challenge her to stay in the moment. He's trying hard! Whenever he says something about his feelings, she seems to look down, she's not making eye contact! But, they closed out the date kissing in the water as the sun set around them. It was truly beautiful.

That evening, Blake gave Becca a beautiful gift. It was a shadow box full of items with little descriptions from their dates. They laughed and just kissed so much as they talked about their time together. It was very romantic. Blake professed his love again, Becca glanced down, kissed him with her eyes shut, and then said in an interview that she could see him at the end. How will Becca decide? Blake said that he sensed everything was good when Becca smiled at him during their goodbye kiss.

Becca started her decision day by reading a heartfelt letter from her sister Emily telling her how proud she is of her and how much she loves her. Garrett started off the day by meeting with Neil Lane. He picked a past, present and future ring with three stones. Blake woke up feeling excited and anxious, but ready to meet with Neil Lane. He picked a cushion cut diamond surrounded by two rows of tiny diamonds all around it.

Becca looked beautiful in a stunning white gown as the two men boarded little boats to make their way to her. Who would arrive first? It's Blake! Ugh! The agony! Becca gave him a hug and Blake launched into a beautiful speech about how much he loves her and how he wants to make her smile for the rest of her life. Becca looked down and then said, "Give me a moment." She told him that he gave her something to look forward to and that he was the most solid during this process, but that there's one piece she can't say goodbye to with someone else. She told him that she pictured the moment there with him for so long, but that there's a better fit for each of them out there. Blake said, "I didn't expect this." Becca offered to walk him out and he accepted the offer. He did some deep breathing as they walked to the waiting limo and he wiped his crying eyes with his coat. Blake asked her how he could be so wrong and she said that he wasn't. Becca told him that she was very sure in them from the beginning and there wasn't one moment that changed things, but she feels that someone else is a better fit. Blake said, "I love you." Becca said that she was sorry again and let him walk away. Becca sobbed as Blake walked off alone. Someone handed Blake a hotel washcloth to absorb his tears as he cried off in the jungle away. He cried as he thought about having to go through all the press and everything here on out alone. He said, "I knew it."

Then we joined Chris Harrison live on stage with Blake. He had tears in his eyes as he watched the breakup playout. He said it was the first time he saw it. He said that he couldn't believe that he had a ring in his hand only for the woman he loves to say no. Chris Harrison asked him why he told Becca he loved her again, and Blake said that he just wanted her to know that he truly loved her and nothing she said changed that fact.

Becca came out on the live stage with Blake, sans engagement ring, and told Blake he looked great. Blake asked her if there was a moment or something that happened when she decided that it wouldn't be him. Becca told him that she just evaluated both relationships and what would fit best with her life and she decided it was with Garrett. Blake asked her what wasn't right with their future and Becca said that it came down to how they would handle situations and that he got in his head more at times. It came down to confidence! She said what if something happened to a potential child or something, she could see him being in his head. I think she sees Garrett as more of her rock.

After the heartbreak, Becca gathered herself and tried to look forward to Garrett's arrival. She says she just knows he's the one. Garrett arrived confident, yet a bit nervous. Becca gave him a wide smile as he approached the platform. He told her she looked so beautiful! Garrett then launched into his speech about how they share something special, talking about their future, and their love together, he just knows that he wants to have her in his life every single day. He told her that he loves her now and forever and that she's his world. Becca told him that before he went on, she had something to say. Becca started talking about their journey, and he looked concerned because she stopped his speech, she told him that she loves him so much and kissed him! He said, "Oh my God, you do! I love you so much!" They kissed passionately and he told her he loved her and then got down on one knee. She stared at the ring and then said, "Yes!" "It's you! I love you!" Becca said as Garrett swept her into his arms and kissed her. With that, Becca offered Garrett the final rose and he said, "Yes!"

Back at the live show, the crowd went wild with the news of the engagement. Becca and Blake then came out on stage and were beaming with happiness! Becca was wearing her huge engagement ring and the two of them were just elated! They talked about how exciting it was to watch it back and it made their love grow even stronger. Becca said that it blows her mind that they found each other this way, but she's ready to start her life with Garrett. He said he thought he was getting broken up with when she stopped him, until she said that she loved him and it was such a happy moment. She said that when his family congratulated her at the airport she cried into her quesadilla because she's just so happy. Garrett said that it was such an honor that Becca said that he reminds her of his father.

We got to see Garrett and Becca's weekend getaways and they seemed very happy! They spent a lot of time "together." Happy Couple Weekend is very happy for both, minus Garrett's snoring. To avoid the crowds, apparently Garrett has a mullet wig and Becca has a wig too! They have thriving rose bush at Garrett's family's farm, a sign of their love!

Garrett addressed his questionable Instagram activity and he said that he's sorry he liked certain posts and he stands by it and he's trying to grow as a person and be a better person on a daily basis. He said that liking those things went against what Becca stands for a person and he wants to be the kind of person she wants to be with. She says she knows who he is and she knows his heart and soul. Becca says that she knows that he stands by his apology and she just wants to move forward from it. He said that he worried he could lose Becca over the controversy, but she knows who he is and she knows he would never purposely hurt or offend anyone.

So what's next for the happy couple? They plan to visit Cosco and do normal things. They are moving in together. He is going to spend time in Minneapolis and then she'll go to Reno and then they might go to California for a few years, Becca said. They haven't planned their wedding just yet, but they are looking forward to spending more time together. Becca said she wanted four corgis, but that she'd settle for one or two and Garrett agreed. As a gift, the show is sending them back to Thailand to start their lives together. As they walked outside, the show gave them their very own woody minivan to ride off in!

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