Jewelry company 'Carelle' first to certified as 'Made in New York'

NEW YORK (WABC) -- A local jewelry company has earned a very unique distinction. It's the first to ever be certified as "Made in New York."

"We wore miniskirts, little boots, striped shirts, bowties, we walked up and down and became the Carelle Girls and we sold $1,500 worth of earrings," said Chana Regev, of Carelle.

$1,500 that first week in 1977, and from there Carelle has grown to 40 employees, all working right here in New York City.

"You can see by my staff these are real New Yorkers. These are people who are craftsmen, without them there wouldn't be my jewelry," Regev said.

Regev could have outsourced to China and India where labor is far less expensive, but opted to keep 100 percent of production here.

"Quality and to be under my nose, to be able to see every single stage, every single stage," Regev said. "Carelle is only made here. That's very, very, important to me."

It's important to New York City. Carelle is the first jewelry company to be awarded a "Made in New York" certification.

"It's a brand, it's a label, it's a marketing tool, so that the public and the members of the community can see they do their production in New York City, they support growth and job creation," said Katy Daly, of the Economic Development Corporation.

About a decade ago, the EDC and the city began showcasing films and TV shows made in New York.

Recently the tech and fashion industries were added because the certification resonates with consumers.

"It's part of that larger movement where people are looking at where does their food come from? I think it's really important that people are able to identify that what they are wearing was made by a New Yorker and supports the local ecosystem," Daly said.

Carelle's new certification will add a little more sparkle to the already luxurious brand.

"We plan to use that in Neiman Marcus, to promote New York as a design center of jewelry," Regev said.

Companies must pass a review process to receive the seal.

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