Coping with first bitter blast of cold of the season

NEW YORK (WABC) -- Salters and plows are being filled and readied in preparation for a new storm predicted overnight. OEM officials are warning drivers to use extra caution on slippery roadways.

Mayor Bill de Blasio has a message for those who are coping with the cold.

"Make sure we are checking on our neighbors, particularly elderly neighbors of folks who happen to have a disability. Make sure we are checking on them to make sure they are okay," the mayor said.

With the latest blast of very cold temperatures, the mayor is also encouraging residents to report heat and hot water problems.

"Watch out for other dangers like trying to heat your apartment by opening the stove, that can be a real fire danger. Even though people are dealing with harsh realities, make sure not to create a worse problem," de Blasio added.

Heading out on Friday, many are wrapped and bundled up, trying to stay cold on such a frigid day.

"You gotta keep moving around, or else if you stay still, your toes freeze up, your hands freeze up. Keep working. It's good for you. Keeps you warm, and looks good for the boss," says welder Domenico Commisso.

The cold spell which blew in with heavy winds Thursday is our first real test of endurance, but many are taking it all in stride.

As the cold weather hits, the city is implementing what it calls a Code Blue weather emergency.

Across the Tri-State, warming centers will open their doors to anyone who needs a break from the outdoors.

"We have homeless outreach," NYPD Commissioner James O'Neill said. "They go throughout Manhattan, they talk to homeless people, see if they need services, and if they are willing to take services. We can either take them to homeless shelter, (or) we can also take them to one of four hospitals. And that's voluntary."

O'Neill said if anyone is a danger to themselves, it can be mandatory.
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