Returning college students encountering delivery difficulties

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Friday, September 2, 2022
Returning college students encountering delivery difficulties
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It's been a move-in mess for returning NYU students when one storage company didn't deliver. Nina Pineda has the story.

NEW YORK (WABC) -- Thousands of students are moving onto college campuses and classes are starting for the semester.

However some students are waiting for boxes of their belongings that were stored for the summer but never delivered -- until they got 7 On Your Side's Nina Pineda.

It's been a move-in mess for Isabel Fadhel Carballo. For nearly a week, the NYU junior's closets have been bare. All her kitchenware and bedding are missing too.

Last Sunday the computer science major flew to NYC from her home in Puerto Rico. She came to the city with only a suitcase because everything else was supposed to be delivered.

Her mom hired storage company Dorm2Dorm, which says they have simplified the college storage process.

Their ads tout its easy box pick-up, summer storage and delivery.

Last May Carballo stored four boxes -- all her room basics plus school supplies and a printer -- paying hundreds for the summer storage.

Dorm2Dorm confirmed delivery for Sunday night, but they never showed.

She said they also didn't respond to her emails.

Carballo wasn't alone, 7 On Your Side bumped into another NYU co-ed who says she experienced a delivery delay when she moved in from Miami.

"When I needed them for moving in, they couldn't find them," she said. "Then they miraculously appeared out of the blue today."

The NYU newspaper even reported on the delivery difficulties.

"I've been hearing about the company completely ignoring people and not telling them when they're coming and bringing their stuff," said NYU student Mackenzie Cavagnaro.

"I think it's awful, you're getting ready for classes, trying to figure out the city and all of that," NYU student Sophie Massey said.

A representative for NYU said the school, "does not partner with or promote the storage group, Dorm2Dorm."

"I am just really angry and unsatisfied with the service," Carballo said.

While waiting for her delivery, she had to spend hundreds replacing her items.

Then Carballo's mom reached out to 7 On Your Side from Puerto Rico to help her daughter. We got in touch with Dorm2Dorm and asked them what the holdup was all about.

In a text, the CEO apologized for inconvenience caused by delays, saying his company is "facing severe staffing shortages in NYC..." and vowing to "not finish the day until all scheduled clients have been delivered."

And mere hours after we contacted him, Carballo received three out of four of her boxes.

The last one, a storage bin containing her winter clothes, is promised next week.

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